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If this is your first visit hello! Have a look at this weeks menu on Facebook and feel free to order via Facebook, email or give me a call. Payment is in cash on delivery/pickup.

If you don't live local (to Gatley) please contact me, I can arrange to provide freezer batches in bulk!

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This weeks fresh menu can be found on my Facebook page here

I am away 13th August-20th August

If you have any special requests please leave a note when you order.

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Freezer Packs

Regular freezer packs now available to order online, healthy packs,veggie packs,swf meals,comfort and spice. all in packs of 6, examples on here but contents will vary each week, you can inbox me for complete list and pick or request favourite meals to be included.

see Facebook for each weeks menu, fresh meals every Tuesday,Thursday and Friday, 

comfort and spice £25 (6 meals, mixture of curries,winter meals) e.g pork goulash,curries,bourgiginion, homemade pies

Swf meals 6 meals £24 

veg meals 6 £24

Healthy low calorie meals 6 for £24 (includes healthy soups) NEW RECIPES

Children's packs £12 for 5 meals (varies e.g lasagna,hidden veg pasta,mini fish or meat pies)